Custom Dioramics
Orthodox Priest
1:35th Figure Set No. CD 4047
Review by Terry Ashley

This simple figure of a typlical Orthodox Priest consists of six parts in a light cream resin cast cleanly with just the usual casting blocks to be removed before assembly.

The casting blocks are easily removed with fine razor saw or sharp model knife with only a couple of very small air holes exposed which can easily be dealt with.

Assembly of the figure was straightforward and helped with small pins on the full body casting for the two boots, one arm and head with corresponding holes in the parts while the other arm has the casting block where the pin would be but still fits okay.

The fabric folds on the priests robes are well done as are the facial features and the whole figure looks very authentic.

The box top can be used as painting guide and the figure will be a very useful addition to any diorama in a European, Russian or Mediterranean setting and just the thing to add a bit of variety.

Highly recommended.

View of figure parts and assembled figure.
Custom DioramicsCustom Dioramics

The figure set is available in the US from VLS and in Australia from Firestorm Models.

Thanks to VLS/ModelMecca for the review figure.

Page created 9 April 2005

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