German Artillery Crew
Dragon Kit No. 6201
1:35th Scale
In Box Review by Terry Ashley

This six figure set from Dragon is designed for either of their 60cm/54cm Mortars and is included in their K5 Leopold kit.

The set consists of 72 parts for the figures and another 55 for personal equipment and weapons.
Each figure has a separate torso and head designed to wear the steel helmets provided plus the lower body/legs in two parts. There are two sets of arms for each figure to allow for a bit of variation and the uniforms are quite nice with subtle variations on the upper body tunic details even though they look the same at first glance.
The trousers have seams included with nice fabric folds and poses to allow the figures to use the different gun controls or stand in a relaxed pose.

The equipment/weapons sprue has a further four bare heads to use in place of the originals for more variety plus two MP40s an MP44, Kar98 and Walther M41 semi-automatic rifle with each weapon having the sling moulded on. There is also a selection of personal equipment including ammo pouches for the weapons.

The figures will add life to the big gun kits and could also be used with other artillery piece.

With Trumpeter about to release a set of K5 crew figures it remains to be seen just as with the K5 kits themselves which will be better, but it would seem from this set and the initial Trumpeter figure images that both sets will have a place and could in fact compliment each other if combined in one gun crew.

Dragon Dragon

The Sprues:

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