U.S. 29th Infantry Division
Omaha Beach D-Day 1944

Dragon Kit No. 6211
1/35th Scale
Review by Terry Ashley

This new figure set released in conjunction with the Normandy series of figure sets features six figures in action poses from the US 29th Infantry Division Omaha Beach D-Day 1944

The figures wear the 1943 Herringbone twill (HBT) combat fatigues with service shoes and leggings and are kitted out with M1928 pattern haversack and M1910 trenching tool plus a selection of ammo pouches, first aid pouches and some haversacks and larger ammo bags. They also wear the M1 Steel Helmet with three having no cover while one has netting and two with the netting plus foliage cam as well as four bayonets in scabbards and two combat knives in scabbards.

The weapons included are 4 x M1 Garand, 2 x M1 Carbine, 2 x M1918A2 BAR with bipod and one M1911A1 Colt .45 Automatic in M1916 Holster so you can arm them as you wish. Two figures also wear the M1926 US Navy loose fitting life belt around the waist while all six wear the gas detection arm brassard on the upper right arm which was chemically treated material that changed colour if poison gas was present and was worn early in the Normandy landings

The figures are broken down in the usual Dragon manner with upper torso, arms, heads, helmets and both legs all separate parts which allows for good detail to be included on the parts.

The detail on the uniforms is excellent with well defined tunic and trouser details and realistic fabric folds including the fabric seams on the trouser legs and tunic arms with nice facial features and realistic posed hands designed to fit around their weapons.

The weapons are from the earlier set #6802 U.S. Marines, Korea 1950/51 and are not quite as nice as with the new weapons in the Normandy Anniversary kits but still should look okay when pained up and slings added from lead sheet or tape.

Included is a letter sized page with front and back colour illustrations of the six figures showing the parts that make up each figure as well as some of their personal equipment, there is more equipment included in the set than shown on the instructions so you can equip your guys as you wish for a bit of variety.

Overall a very nicely detailed set of figures in good action poses and it’s good to see new U.S. figure sets being produced, will be welcomed by Allied fans.
BTW, the beach obstacle shown on the boxtop is not included in the kit as thought.

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Figure set courtesy of my Credit Card and the excellent service from Rainbow Ten.

Page created 10 July 2004

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