Figure, Head & Hand sets
1:35th Scale
HBH2 5 British Heads with General Service Caps, Tam-o-shanters and sidecap
HBH4 5 Heads wearing British Tank Crew Beret WWII
HBH09 5 Heads wearing Commando style stocking caps WW2 new
HFH05 5 Heads with M51 French steel helmet new
HGH13 5 Heads with WW2 German cold weather peaked caps
HGH16 5 Heads with German Army style camouflage helmet covers WWII
HH14 5 different European Heads (bare)
HH22 5 different heads with 1940s style haircuts
HRH7 6 Heads wearing German Panzer Beret 1935-1940
HRH05 5 Heads with Soviet WWII soft tanker helmets
HR8 Soviet Infantry in camouflage overall
HUH06 5 Heads with early type USMC M1 helmet and cover WW2
HUH07 4 Heads with US Tank crew headgear and microphones
1980s to present day
HANDS02 3 right, 3 left hands

See the Hornet and Wolf website for additional information.
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