German Insignia WWII
Lion Roar 1:16 set #LAM027
Review by Terry Ashley

This set of etched German Insignia from WWII is for larger figures in 1:16 scale and has a good selection of rank insignia, collar patches, campaign shields and service awards in fine etched metal.

The etching is extremely fine with relief to different degrees to add nice definition as well as the fine chain cleanly etched for the chest crests such as for the Feldgendarmerie crest. Added to this are some items etched in two parts to add additional definition such as the belt buckles which also have you bend the edges at right angles to sit better on the larger 1:16 belts.

The details and etching relief in this larger scale is superbly done with slightly thicker metal added a nice ‘feel’ to the various insignia.

Added to the array of insignia and awards is a neat little fob watch with very fine chain attached and the watch cover that can be folded over if you want the watched close with a very fine ‘Eagle crest’ on the outer cover.

A large sheet is included showing the typical location of each item on the uniform as well as full list of the insignia so you know exactly what they are to decide if applicable to your figures.

This is a very nice accessory for larger figure modellers with very fine etching on the insignia and the items with two parts adding further definition and will look even better in this larger scale that in the smaller 1:35 scale.

Highly recommended.

Etched Parts
Lion RoarLion Roar
Multi-part items
Lion RoarLion RoarLion Roar

The Insignia icluded are:

Thanks to Lion Roar for the review set.

Page created May 7, 2006

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