Master Box
Europe 1945
Master Box 1:35 figure set No.MB3514
Review by Terry Ashley

This simple figure set from Master Box shows very good imagination to provide that something different perfect for a diorama setting.

The set has four figures, US Servicemen and two “locals” in the form of young women welcoming the liberators the best way they know how. We have the wine and women, did I hear someone start to sing?

The figures are moulded in light grey plastic and broken down in conventional manner with separate heads, upper torsos, separate arms and legs with the girls having fully formed legs with separate outer sections for their dresses allowing excellent definition if you care to look up there.

The only cleanup required are some fairly heavy mould seams in some areas with a few minimal sink marks on one girls hat and handbag but these don’t seem to matter as they blend into the parts and aren’t really noticeable.

Detail on the Captain and Corporal uniforms is very well done with nicely defined pockets, lapels and fabric seams on the trousers as well as well defined facial features. Also included are insignia mouldings on the arms and collars which will allow you paint (or use aftermarket insignia decals) to make any number of units.

Assembly is again very straightforward with just some minor trimming here and there but nothing dramatic with the join seams on the girl’s dresses easy to eliminate after the glue has dried due to the fact that it doesn’t matter if you take off a bit extra plastic as it still blends in.

The figures are designed to fit together with one girl leaning on the Corporal’s shoulder and the other arm in arm with the Captain and both groups fit together well, especially the Captain and girls arm which didn’t need any trimming to fit together. You may want to paint the girl with here right arm separate and slip this through the Captain’s arm at final assembly as it would be very difficult paint them together.

The box top provides a guide to painting the figures as well as Vallejo colours listed on the back for the GIs and you are obviously free to paint the girl’s dresses in any design and colours you wish for further variety.

For mine I love this set of figures which are nicely detailed with just some minor cleanup and trimming required but provide a nice change from the usual offerings and are just the thing for a Paris liberation diorama or similar.

Highly recommended

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Kit courtesy of my Credit Card and the excellent service from NKR Models.

Page created September 8, 2006

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