Mig Productions
T-55 Tanker
1/9 #H 09-049

Review by Terry Ashley
In the MIG Productions range is a series of large 1/9th scale busts and none more impressive than this T-55 Tanker bust.

The set contains 25 large resin pieces with excellent details and apart from the usual casting blocks there is no other cleanup required.

The figure is posed leaning on the open turret hatch and this is provided in the set with a nice rough surface finish with separate periscopes, periscope covers, handles and levers for a well detailed hatch.

The figure is broken down with the main upper torso, separate arms and hands plus the head with the central part of the tankers helmet included. The head has excellent facial features that will benefit from careful painting and the texture of the helmet padding is again excellent. The two side flaps of the helmet are separate parts with additional straps for good detail definition and the uniform texture and folds is also very well done. Assembly and painting of the figure bust is straight forward and shouldn’t pose any problems?

A 23 step colour painting guide is included to help get the most from the bust as well as paint numbers from the Vallejo range given.

Mig Productions

The hatch itself is made up of 14 parts but there are no instructions on its assembly and some additional reference would be needed to get the parts in the right place. The photo tour by Marcus Nicholls in Tamiya Model Magazine Issue 101 would do just nicely for this.

To help things here I have numbered the parts on the images and identified these on the images of the assembled hatch to show their location.

Mig Productions Mig Productions

On the inside of the hatch (part 1) the two periscopes (part 2) fit snugly into the cut-outs and added to these are the periscope supports (part 3) and the wing nuts on top (part 4).

The lower lever (part 6) is attached to the locating hole and the top section (part 7) fitted over the lever with the top lever (part 8) added to the location above the periscope and finally the inside handle (part 10) is attached. Watch the two handles as they are different between the inner and outer handle.

On the outside is the outer handle (part 9) and the two periscope covers (parts 5), but these required a bit of trimming to get the right angle and fit to the hatch so a bit of trimming and trial fitting will be needed before gluing.

Mig Productions Mig Productions

An impressive bust and the inclusion of the well detailed hatch gives a nice perspective to where you would see the figure and this will look good not only for the details included but the overall large size.

Thanks to Mig from MIG Productions for the review samples.

Page created 11 January 2004

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