Mig Productions
WWII Soviet Tank Crew
1/35 #MP 35-044

Review by Terry Ashley
If you are looking for crew for any of the Dragon T-34s or the coming M4A2s then this set could be for you.

The two three quarter figures are cast in a light cream and grey resin with excellent details and are blemish free with the usual casting blocks the only cleanup needed on the 5 parts.

The torso and head are moulded in one piece with just the arms as separate pieces with both wearing the typical Russian tankers helmet, with one wearing a leather jacket and the other a padded winter jacket.

The details on the uniforms are excellent as is the facial features and the figures will look very good when painted.

A small painting guide is included with in progress pictures of the figures being painted to give tips on finishing the figures.

A simple but well detailed set of figures for any Russian tank of WWII.


Mig Productions

Thanks to Mig from MIG Productions for the review samples.

Page created 11 January 2004

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