Mig Productions
Soviet Soldier, Barbarossa
Russia 1940-41

1/35 #MP 35-131

Review by Terry Ashley
This figure of a Russian soldier standing in a relaxed pose gesturing consists of fourteen parts in light cream resin and wears the Russian overcoat and steel helmet with personal equipment of haversack, leather pouch, trenching tool and SKS Carbine with separate bayonet.

The parts are cleanly cast with the usual casting blocks to be removed, there were also minor casting seams on the arms and back of the boots to be cleaned up before assembly.

The full body is in one piece with separate head and helmet while the separate arms also have separate hands one of which fits around the rifle without the need for gluing. The boots are also separate and you need to take care to glue them at the right angle as there are no locating indicators once you have cut off the casting block on the bottom of the coat.

Detail on the overcoat is well done with realistic folds and the ammo pouches, collars and straps for the haversack and pouch are well defined while the facial features and hands (wearing gloves) are also well done.

Fit of the figure parts is excellent without the need for any filler but a bit of trimming was required when fitting the three back equipment items as they overlap and while there is provision for this with a cut out in the haversack some additional minor alterations were needed but this shouldn’t pose any problems.

The box has colour photos of the front and back of the completed figure to use as a painting guide.

A very nicely detailed and posed figure that is easy to assembly and will look good when painted and can be used in virtually any early war Russian setting.


Resin parts
Mig Productions
Assembled figure, front and back views
Mig ProductionsMig Productions

Thanks to Mig from MIG Productions for the review sample.

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