German Engineer. Eastern front 1943 WWII
120mm Fugure Set # F12001

Review by Terry Ashley

MiniarmAs well as some excellent 1:35 Vehicle detail/update and track sets, Miniarm also include larger figures in their range. This 120mm figure represents an Engineer Corporal wearing the 1935 Pattern Tunic and Winter Cotton Trousers (1943 Winter Pattern). He is equipped with two explosive charge packs and the engineer's assault backpack and carries an anti tank mine in his right hand with the set consisting of twenty two finely cast parts in a light cream resin. They have the usual casting blocks to be removed and a quick bath in warm soapy water to remove any trace of release agent and any other residue would be an idea.

The quality of the casting is very good overall, there is some fine resin 'flash' on some parts, so thin it can be removed by brushing your finger over it. There are also some very minor seam lines on some parts where the two part moulds meet but nothing out of the ordinary for resin figures and a small price to pay for the resulting good detail. An example of this is the helmet which has inside details as well as nice external detail.

Facial features are well defined and the quality of the uniform detail is excellent with very subtle creases in the tunic, trousers and boots. These also feature fabric seams on the sleeves and trousers with excellent detail on the tunic and the fine details such as webbing and buckles is noteworthy. The two stick grenades in the belt are separate parts and the front section of the belt is also separate to give good definition when assembled, and also helps in allowing painting of the parts separate to be fitted together later.

Another nice touch is with the left hand that is holding the upper part of the webbing. The 'end' of the fingers are actually cast with the upper torso and this gives good definition and helps with precise alignment for the left arm.

As mentioned, you get a full selection of personal gear including the engineer packs, water bottle, baronet and saw holder pouches and P38 holster.

The figure is based on the reproduction featured on page 54 of Histoire & Collections excellent book " German Soldiers of World War Two " which has photos of real uniforms (or authentic reproductions) modelled on real people to give a real feel to the uniforms that drawn illustrations can't deliver.

A well produced and detailed figure, if you are into 120mm figures this will be a welcome addition to your collection.


Resin parts
Images of painted figure courtesy of Miniarm

See the Miniarm website for full details of this and other items available.

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