Mirage Hobby
"The Thin Red Line"
US Army Guadalcanal 1942

200mm (1/9th) Figure Set No. 520 90003

Mirage Hobby This figure in large 200mm scale is of a US Army trooper at Guadalcanal in 1942 wearing the 1942 pattern herringbone twill combat jacket and trousers and armed with a Thompson SMG.

The set consists of 12 pieces cast in a cream resin and only requires the removal of the casting blocks and some resin film before assembly. The figure is broken down in the conventional manner of upper body, legs (with boots included) with separate arms, head and M1 steel helmet. There is also a small base to stand the completed figure on.

The quality of the resin is excellent with the uniform having a very loose used feel to it and not the usual parade ground cut with the trousers also having a large tear in the left leg indicating the trooper has seen some action.

As well as the Thomson and .45 ammo pouches there is a water bottle and grenade but you will need to supply your own sling for the Thompson as this isn't in the set.

There are no instructions included apart from the box top colour photo of the figure but there shouldn't be any problems assembling the kit as the location of most parts is self explanatory

In all a very simple yet attractive figure with very nice details inlcuded which goes well in portraying the conditions in the islands.

Highly Recommended

Mirage Hobby
Mirage Hobby

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