Mirage Hobby
Paratrooper 605th PIR
Normandy, 6th June 1944

200mm (1/9th) Figure Set No. 535 90011

Mirage Hobby This figure set in large 200mm scale is of a US Paratrooper of the 101st Airbourne Division on D-Day 1944 wearing the M42 paratroop uniform with local modifications such as added knee and elbow patches, chemical detection brassard on the upper left arm, neck scarf and is armed with a Thompson SMG.

The set consists of the large figure as well as a small base and damaged wall section to pose the figure on and is made up of 27 pieces cast in cream resin and a further 13 etched metal parts plus a colourful assembly/painting guide.

The quality of the casting is superb with crisp well defined details on the equipment, uniform folds and facial features. The large scale allows many details to be included on the weapons and equipment to good effect.

The only cleanup needed is the removal of the usual casting blocks and a bit of minor resin film around some parts and again due the large size of the parts there is little chance of damaging them but due care is still advised.

The figure is broken down in the normal upper and lower body halves with separate arms, boots and head with separate helmet which also has a separate chin strap included.

The equipment included is the well detailed Thompson with addition etched parts for the rear sight and buckles for the weapons sling which can be made from any material such as lead sheet of tape but this material is not included in the set.

There are all the usual packs and equipment carried such as first aid kit (two types), smoke and fragmentation grenades, magazine pouches, trenching tool, a coil of rope, backpack and canvas bag.

The etched parts include the 101st Airbourne and Jump Wings patches to add to the uniform, the compass dial and two "Crickets" the small "friend or foe" clickers used at night during the D-Day operations.

The large double sided full colour instruction sheet has a brief history of the airbourne actions during the first few days of "Operation Overlord" as well as a detailed description of the figure and equipment included. The assembly/painting guide has two large photos of the figure with numbers showing the location of the parts and small photos of the real items to show not only the colours but the straps and any markings added.

This is a superb figure which will look very impressive when painted well and as mentioned the large scale allows many extra details to be included.

Highly Recommended

Mirage Hobby Mirage Hobby
Mirage HobbyMirage Hobby
Mirage Hobby
Mirage Hobby

Mirage Hobby figures are distributed in Australia by J.B Wholesalers:
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