US Paras w/M1 & Garand, July 1944
1/35th Figure Set No. N35004

Nemrod This figure set is an early release in the Nemrod range from Historex NCO but is worth looking at for Allied figure and diorama builders.

The set consits of two figures with exceptional detail in the castings.

A total of 18 blemish free light grey resin pieces with only the usual casting blocks to be removed make up the set. The crisp details in the uniforms and the facial features are amongst the best you will see today.

Both figures have the upper torso and legs in one casting with separate arms, heads and equipment to make what are really simple figiures to assembly.

The images below and box image show the details included in the figures, so the only thing left to say really is that if you're after some nice allied figures, this set will do quite nicely.

Rear view of figures

See their website for ordering info and details.
Thanks to Brett from The Military Workshop for the review samples.

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