US Trooper w/ Rifle Grenade
30th US ID 1944

1/35th Figure Set No. N35004

Nemrod This figure in the Nemrod range from Historex NCO is of a US infantryman armed with a M1 Garand fitted with a rifle grenade.

The figure consists of 15 resin pieces pieces in a light gray resin with the usual casting blocks to be removed from the parts. There is some minor resin flash around some of the finer pieces but the details are crisply cast with the body in one piece with ammo bandanas included in what is a nice casting.

Added to this are the separate head, helmet, arms and equipment. The hands are moulded with the M1 for a nice fit.

The detail on the equipment is very well cast and will come up very nicely with careful painting.

Overall a nice figure in an action pose which should fit into any diorama.


See their website for ordering info and details.
Thanks to Brett from The Military Workshop for the review samples.

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