Tank Model
Russian Tank Crew 1943-45
1/35th Figure Set No. T-35001

Tank Model This set consists of three full figures with one designed to be standing in the turret hatch of a T-34-76 Mod.1943 with the second standing figure able to be either in the other turret hatch or standing by the vehicle while the third is a sitting figure with all three in relaxed pose. They wear the typical tankers overall of the later war period with excellent details incorporated with two wearing the leather tankers headgear while the sitting figure is bare headed with his helmet as a separate part while no weapons are included in the set.

The two standing figures have the full body and head cast in one piece with one having the left arm also included with just the right arm separate while the other standing figure has the left arm separate with the right arm split at the elbow to incorporate the indentation for the top of the turret hatch and to get the fit around the hatch right.

The sitting figure has the upper and lower body in two parts with the arms separate in one piece joined where the hands overlap. This can be a bit tricky when assembling the figure as you have to get the angle of the two body halves in correct alignment so the arms will fit correctly around the raised knee. I didn’t get this quite right resulting in some filling of the upper arm/shoulder join so a bit of test fitting would be helpful before gluing the two body halves together.

No instructions are included for the painting but the box top image can be used as a guide and the animation of the figures is excellent and should add life to your T-34s

Highly Recommended

Tank ModelTank ModelTank Model
Assembled figures
Tank Model
Thanks to Dmitriy from Model Point US for the review sample.

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