Tank Model
German SS Tank Crew,
Summer 1943-45

1/35th Figure Set No. T-35006

Tank ModelThis set has two Tank Crew figures wearing the double breasted tankers tunic and trousers with one having a forage cap and the other an Officer’s cap.

Both are in very relaxed pose with the Officer figure being designed to be standing in the Tiger I cupola with small indentations on the arm to conform to the hatch but could still be used in other situations. The other figure is simply standing with hands in pockets and again could be used in any situation.

The Officer figure is cast with body/head/cap in one piece with just the arms separate while the other figure is cast on one single piece due to the compact pose while both incorporate excellent uniform details with realistic fabric folds and contours taking into account the poses. The Officer’s right shoulder is correctly posed higher than the left due the raised arm pose and it’s good to see these anatomical features included in figures for a very realistic pose.

A simple yet well detailed figure set that should find homes in numerous settings.

Highly recommended.

Tank ModelTank ModelTank Model
Thanks to Dmitriy from Model Point US for the review sample.

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