Tank Model
Soviet motor rifle troops,
Summer 1943-45 (2)

1/35th Figure Set No. T-35009

Tank ModelThis two figure set has a couple of Soviet motor troops designed to be riding on a T-34 with one standing holding a turret grab handle and the other sitting/leaning on the rear engine deck again holding a grab handle. Both ear the khaki combat suit with boots and steel helmet and are armed with the PPSh-41 with 35 round curved magazine.

Both have the full body in one piece with separate arms, head and helmets as well as a selection of personal gear of the time consisting of water bottle, magazine pouch and typical Soviet back pack which was a simple sack attached at the top and bottom corners to the webbing.

The detail of the uniforms is superb and incorporates the correct details with fabric seams as well as good animation on the sitting figure, there is also a few tears in the fabric to capture to well worn look of the uniforms.

Assembly was straightforward with a good fit of the parts with the only thing to note is with the helmets where the heads are cut off at the top but the helmets are completely hollow which means I had to slightly bevel the top edge of the head and especially the ears to get a good sit for the helmets but this is easily done.

No instructions are included for the painting but the box top image can be used as a guide.

Two very nicely detailed figures in realistic posed that can be used in conjunction with the other similar sets for a fully loaded T-34, the figures from other sets are shown in grey on the box top to give an idea of the grouping available.

Highly Recommended.

Tank ModelTank ModelTank Model
Tank ModelTank ModelTank Model
Thanks to Dmitriy from Model Point US for the review sample.

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