Tank Model
German Infantryman
(Stalingrad 1942)

1/35th Figure Set No. T-35022

Tank ModelThis is a single figure set of an infantryman wearing the typical field grey tunic and trousers with boots, helmet and is armed with an MP-40.

The body is cast in one piece with a stick grenade and shovel in the belt and separate arms, head, helmet and a selection of personal equipment of gas mask canister, water bottle and MP-40 ammo pouches with the breadbag included in the body casting.

The MP-40 in incorporated with the right arm while the left hand holds the magazine and it should be noted that the figure is posed reloading with the gun and magazine apart so don’t try and match them up. The ammo pouches have good detail and some minor trimming was needed to fit, a bit of test fitting will help with this.

The fitting of the helmet required a bit of work as the casting point is inside the helmet while the head is rounded at the top and requires a bit of work to hollow out the helmet to fit the head, you could of course cut the top off the head to ease fitting.

No painting instructions are included but the box top illustration will help and overall a nicely posed action figure.

Highly Recommended

Tank Model
Tank ModelTank Model
Thanks to Dmitriy from Model Point US for the review sample.

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