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Deutsches Afrika-Korps

1/35th Figure Set No. TO350001

Toro ModelsThis is the first figure from new company TORO Models from Spain and represents a trooper from the Afrika-Korps in action pose.

The figure is made up of ten pieces in light cream resin and is cast to a high standard without any blemishes and only the usual casting blocks to be removed before assembly. There is also some resin to be removed from under the lower edges on the tunic which are cast proud of the shorts and this resin stop any breakage, but take care when removing the excess so you don’t do the job yourself.

The breakdown of the parts has the upper body/head/helmet in one piece that includes three egg shaped grenades in the casting with separate arms and the lower body/legs with separate boots.

All the personal gear is separate with the bread bag and water bottle cast together with the gas mask canister and trenching tool to be added to the figure.

The right arm has the hand cast separate with the Kar98 rifle and this ensures a good fit of the weapon but does mean you have to fill and eliminate the arm/hand join completely as the sleeves are rolled up while the left arm has a small wound covered with a wrap around dressing.

The detail on the Afrika Korps tunic and shorts is well defined although there is no undercut on the shorts legs and these show from some angles and you may want to hollow these out a little? The shape of the helmet also looks a little high but this is easily to remedy with a little sanding.

The fit of the parts is very good with the only filler needed was on the arm/hand join and the personal equipment fits snugly to the uniform for a natural sit.

The box has a large colour photo of the figure on the front and a five smaller detail photos on the back that can be used as a guide to painting and there is also a step by step painting guide on the Toro Models website, although the text is in Spanish it should be useful.

In all a nice figure for a first issue with nice details and an animated pose and it will be interesting to future releases from Toro.

Highly recommended.

Resin parts
Toro Models
Three views of the assembled figure
Toro ModelsToro ModelsToro Models
Thanks to Toro Models for the review sample.

Page created 8 August 2004

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