Russian Tank Crew
1:35 kit No.35012
Review by Terry Ashley

This latest figure set from Tristar continues the excellent quality of previous sets and includes seven Russian Tank Crew figures of WWII.

Included in the set are four full standing figures, one full seated figure and two three quarter figures to pose in turret hatches. To add additional variety there is one female figure standing in relaxed pose with one arm behind her back wearing field dress with all the other figures wearing the 1943 regulation stand collar Gymnastiorka (shirt) under typical tankers overalls with two also wearing late war rubber jackets which are similar in appearance to leather jackets worn by many tank crews in other services. Thanks here to Mike Baskette for the updated info on the uniforms.

All the tank crew wear typical Russian tankers helmets except one who is bare headed with the helmet in his hand and two have alternate heads wearing berets while the female also wears a beret and is of noticeably smaller stature that the male figures in keeping with real life (in general that is).

The poses are nicely animated in mostly relaxed pose with the two ¾ figures having arms resting on the hatch sill as does one of the standing figures while the others are standing with arms in relaxed position.

The detail on the uniforms is excellent with well defined details such as fabric seams, lapels and fabric folds/creases well done and a minimum of cleanup needed with the minor moulding seam being the only issue to deal with.
The tankers helmets have separate lower flaps moulded quite thin for good detail definition and there is an additional side arm holster for each figure which are the only weapons included.

The facial features are also well done as are the hands and should come up very well with careful painting.

I have assembled three of the figures (Figure D, F and G) to check the fit and for any issues that may arise but apart from the above mentioned fine mould seam the fit was excellent.

Just watch the positioning of the holster when the arm is resting close by to avoid any clashes and also the angle of the heads which are designed to be fitted as per the box top illustrations, but can of course be altered with some minor trimming but that was about it, by using thicker liquid cement the arm join seams can be blended perfectly and no trimming or filling was needed.

The large colour box art can be used as a painting guide as well as the front and back illustrations of each figure on the back of the box which also indicate the part numbers and Tamiya paint numbers. Additional paint numbers are also given for Mr.Color, Aqueous Hobby Color and Humbrol paints.

Another excellent set of figures from Tristar with spot on fit and virtually no cleanup needed and could be used with any T-34-85s, T-34 based SP guns or IS tanks with the poses allowing some to be used on their own for more variety and being Tristar’s first allied figure set lets hope the trend continues.

Highly recommended.

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Thanks to C.K.Pat from Tristar Model (International) Ltd for the review kit.

Page created 12 December 2004

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