American Tank Crewman 1944-45
1/35th Figure Sets No. 35039, 35040
Reviews by Terry Ashley

These two figures from Ultracast of late war US Tank crewmen are sold separately but inevitably will be used together in a diorama so I'll look at them together here.

The figures are cast in a light cream resin with no cleanup needed apart from the usual casting blocks and some thin resin film between the legs to be removed. The figures both have a full body with 35039 having two separate arms and 35040 a separate right arm as well as separate heads both wearing a armored forces helmet with goggles included. Each figure wears the winter combat trousers (second pattern) while 35040 is also wearing a winter combat jacket and 35039 has rolled up sleeves on his HBT suit with one hand resting on his Colt sidearm and holding a large spanner in the other in relaxed poses.

The details on the uniforms is excellent with nice zipper details as well as seams on the trouser legs and good definition around the top of the winter combat trousers. It is interesting to note that figure 35039 is much smaller in stature than 35040 and not the same "standard" size as seen with many figures and this is good to see as we all know people come in all shapes and sizes and this size difference will add authenticity when using these figures together. Figure 35040 also has a noticeable bulge in the front of the trousers, either he is glad to see someone or packing a substantial bag of fruit?

The figures overall are excellent an should add a relaxed air to any scene or diorama.


Resin parts
35039 - 35040
Assembled figures
35039 - 35040

Thanks to Gilles from Blast Models for the usual quick delivery of my order.

Page created 11 February 2004

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