French Tank Crew WWII
Warriors WA 35604
1:35th Scale
Review by Terry Ashley

This latest figure set from Warriors is a two man French Tank Crew from WWII wearing the typical tankers uniform of the time of leather jacket, trousers and tanker’s helmet just the thing for the new Tamiya Chars B1 bis (kit #35282) or any other French tank particularly the recent H39 kits from Bronco Models and Trumpeter.

Each figure is in four light cream resin parts with the usual small casting blocks to be removed although there is also quite noticeable casting seam up either side of the legs that will need care in removing to maintain the details. One figure also has a large resin “polyp” at the top of the legs which looks like a wardrobe malfunction on first look but this is easily removed as are some other smaller polyps on the figures leaving no mark afterwards.

After cleanup there were a couple of sizable air holes exposed on the top of one helmet and on one arm which shouldn't be a problem to fill but other than that they are ready to assembly fairly quickly.

One figure is standing in a casual pose while the other is sitting on the open turret hatch of basically any of the early war French tanks, Chars B, H38/39, R35 with the set also including a resin replacement door for the H38/39 with small indentation's on the inside to conform to the sittings figure.

The standing figure measures out at 53mm which is 6'2" in real size and while this may seem tall for the period we have to remember that Charles de Gaulle wasn't exactly height challenged and proves there were some tall Frenchman around at the time.

The details on the uniforms is very nicely done with well defined fabric folds, jacket collars, buttons and seams especially on the leather jackets and also include fabric seams on the arms and legs as well as well defined facial features with good expressions.

Assembly is very straightforward but the right arm of the standing figure will need care as the casting block is right at the shoulder point and it’s not clear how much resin you have to clean off so a bit of test fitting while trimming will reduce any filler needed.
The fit of the other arms was very good and required no trimming of filler but the left arm on the sitting figure may need slight repositioning depending on the tank he is fitted to.

Another simple yet well done set of figures with excellent uniform detail that can be used with any available French Tank of WWII and of course best suited to the current crop of Chars B and H38/39s.

Highly recommended.

Resin Parts
Assembled figures

The figure set is available in the US from ModelMecca and in Australia from

Thanks to VLS/ModelMecca for the review figure.

Page created July 12, 2006

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