Figure sets
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1/35th Scale
WA 35301 Commonwealth Infantryman Tropical Dress
WA 35520 G.I. Walking with Jerry Can new
WA 35444 Wounded Fallschirmjager
WA 35445 "Green Devils”
WA 35541 U.S.M.C. Tank Crew WWII
WA 35542 Waffen SS Kübelwagen Crew
WA 35543 Wehrmacht SPG Team
WA 35544 Russian Tanker
WA 35545 WWII U.S.M.C. Stretcher Team
WA 35546 U.S.M.C. Head Set
WA 35547 German Head Set #61
WA 35548 SS Officer and Dispatch Rider
WA 35549 "Banzai"
WA 35550 Demag D-7 Flak 38 Crew
WA 35551 "Banzai Busters"
WA 35554 US AFV Crew Vietnam Era
WA 35555 Wounder Marine on Stretcher
WA 35556 USMC Heavy Weapons Team #1 (WWII)
WA 35557 USMC Heavy Weapons Team #2 (WWII)

WA 35559 WWII Combat Cameraman (Filming)
WA 35560 WWII U.S.Tanker
WA 35574 U.S.M.C OIF Set #1
WA35600 German BR52 Crew
WA35604 French Tank Crew WWII new

1/9th Scale
WA 9061
SS Panzerjaeger Bust
WA 9062 Fallschirmjäger

Warriors figure sets are available in the US from VLS and in Australia from

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