SS Panzer Crew, WWII
1:35th Figure Set No. WZ3504
Review by Terry Ashley

This new figure from Warzone Forces has a single SS Panzer crewman in a semi-relaxed standing pose and wears a typical Panzer jacket with the large lapels over woolen jumper and a pair of reversible winter trousers and also wears a pair of leather gloves making painting easier.

The figure is cast in light gray resin and follows the lead of Alpine Miniatures figures in offering two alternate heads, one wearing a Officer's cap and the other forage cap and there is also two alternate right arms for a bit more variety. One arm is in relaxed pose holding cigarette and the other is extended giving the thumbs up to a colleague and the figure is armed with a Walther P38 holster in his belt.

The full body is cast as one piece with just the heads and arms as separate parts with nice uniform details such as the pockets, lapels and fabric seams as well the fabric folds which will come up okay with careful painting but the details are not as crisp or well defined as Alpine figures.

There was virtually no cleanup needed apart from the usual small casting blocks to be removed but those on the arms will need care to preserve the fabric fold details and there was some minor casting seams between the lower legs which are easy to remove. Assembly is very straightforward with the fit of the arms being quite good but there were a few small gaps that could be filled easily with thick cyanoacrylate while the heads also fit neatly into the collar.

I used the same method as with the Alpine figures in adding a small “wire” pin to the neck to go into a hole drilled into the body but again this is a personal thing to make fitting and swapping the heads easy and not a reflection of the fit which is perfect if you just want to glue the chosen head in place. This also allows the heads to be painted separate and easily attached later.

This is a nicely cast and detailed figure of a typical SS Panzer crewman that offers some nice choices with the alternate heads and arms as well as the trousers can be painted in winter white or summer camouflage and will go with any later war AFV.

Highly recommended 8/10
The resin parts
Views of the assembled figure
Thanks to Military Alliance for the review figure.

Page created May 2, 2007