The Block
Ausfwerks Set #16-02
Review by Terry Ashley

There are quite a few etched part bending tools about these days but before using these you have to cut the etched parts from their frets and this can sometimes pose it's own set of issues.

This simple new tool from Ausfwerks is a high density polymer plastic block 4" (102.5mm) x 3" (72mm) x 1/4" (6mm) and gives a very good compromise between a cutting surface which is too hard resulting in excessive "ping" when you cut the parts and too soft which results in etched part distortion as you cut.

The "Block" is an excellent compromise between the two surfaces and I have been "test driving" this for a couple of weeks now and found it excellent when cutting the parts from the frets using a passed its prime X-Acto #11 blade.

You still have to take care for the dreaded "ping" off into the void but I found this was much less of a problem using the Block and there was no distortion of the parts while cutting, I also found I could cut much closer to the etched part leaving a smaller bur to be filed off before use.

As you make each cut there is a very small 'nick' left by the blade on the surface of the Block but nothing that would make the surface too pitted to use even after prolonged use.

A simple yet effective solution to cutting etched parts that will certainly take a prominent place in my toolbox as it makes the job very quick and easy as well as reducing damage to the etched parts

Highly recommended.


Thanks to Ausfwerks for the review Set.

Page Created May 4, 2006

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