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Lion Roar set #LT0026
Review by Terry Ashley

Lion RoarLion Roar has released this set of stainless steel modelling saws for cutting resin or plastic with the blades designed to fit into any modelling knife handle such as NT Cutters used by many for different purposes.

The set contains three saw blades per set on an metal fret and you firstly have to cut these off the fret frame which is not the easiest job due the stronger stainless steel used and with a thickness of about 0.4mm you will need a pair of stout metal cutters and then file the bur smooth.

The tooth pattern is quite course but extremely sharp so take care especially while removing the blades for the fret as any slip will cut your fingers when you don't expect it. You will also need a study pair of cutters to remove the blades from the fret as the metal is quite hard.

Despite the image on the packaging showing the blades in a handle the set only comes with the three blades and you have to source the handle yourself which isn't a difficult task as most modellers will already have an NT type cutter in their tool box.

It would be best to select a handle with the small locking latch on the blade securing fitting as this will aid in cutting as the blade won't move in the handle, many metal blade handles don't have this locking latch while most plastic ones do so select one of these if you can.

As mentioned the blades are extremely sharp and cut very freely through even quite thick resin and will make short work of almost all cutting jobs with the same results when cutting plastic. Due to the tooth pattern being quite course the resin residue is also more course than the fine resin dust produced by saws with finer cutting teeth, this helps to keep the resulting dust to a minimum but you should still wear a dust mask while cutting resin parts.

I have used these blades on a number of cutting jobs both resin and plastic over the last week or so and found the blades thick enough not to flex while cutting (they will if fully extended and you use too much pressure) but thin enough to leave just a small gap after cutting which helps to reduce damage to the part being cut. Another advantage is there is not lip along the back of the blade like some razor saws so you can cut as deep as you need to get through large pieces of resin or plastic.

The added hardness of stainless steel should ensure the blades stay sharp for some time if used for resin or plastic only but I wouldn't try using them on metal or other hard substances as the tooth pattern is too course for these jobs and you would destroy the blade quite quickly.

These blades will form an excellent addition to the modellers toolbox and I for one will be using these as my saw blade of choice for resin or plastic as the course tooth pattern makes short work of any cutting job, the only drawback if you call it that is you have to supply your own cutting handle.

Highly Recommended

The stainless steel saw blade fitted into a spare plastic cutter handle with locking latch for the blade.
Lion Roar
Cutting the resin stub from the PSM M51ARV drive sprockets
note the courser residue that helps keep the dust to a minimum.

Lion Roar

Thanks to my credit card and Hobbyeasy for the saw blade set.

Page created November 4, 2007