6.5 & 4.5 Extended Folding Blades
Review by Terry Ashley

To compliment the EtchMate bending tool released recently by Mission Models comes this set of extended bending blades for bending larger pieces such as fenders and the like.
Etch Mate
These are used in the same manner as the regular blade included with the Etchmate, but care should be used as these are basically large blades and shape ones at that.

To bend the larger pieces simply reverse the bending head of the Etchmate and use the full length edge in conjuction with these blades for easy bending, but ensure you keep even pressure along the length of the bend during the process for best results.


Thanks to Jon Tamkin of Mission Models for the Etch Mate.
Visit the Etch Mate Website for details on ordering.

Page created 28 February 2003

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