Grab Handler Bending Tool
#MM-006 from Mission Models
Review by Terry Ashley

This is a new tool from Mission Models and is a simple devise to allow you to make wire grab handles all exactly the same size to add to any model.

The Grabhandler is made from hard steel with two ‘halves’ which fit precisely together over three fixed locating pins and held in place with a spring loaded screw knob, being steel it won’t get damaged when bending larger or hard wire. There are 22 steps of different widths with the appropriate measurement in inches and millimetres shown on the tool face from 1/16th inch to 1 ½ inches (1mm to 37mm), the large rear end can also be used to bend the largest width handles.


The tool is easy to use, just loosen the knob slip in the length of wire, tighten the knob and holding the tool in your hand bend the wire down using your fingers or a flat tool such as small steel ruler for tighter bends. Ensure the wire is straight in the tool before bending to get a good bend, once bent you have a U shaped grab handle that can then be trimmed to size and the process repeated to produce as many handles as you need.


To bend larger sized handles behind the foremost guide pin simply loosen the screw knob and pinch the rear of the tool together and the top plate will open to clear the front pin, or you can just slide the wire in sideways after loosening the top plate.


Bending thicker or harder wire is surprisingly easy once the wire is firmly held by the Grabhandler and to get sharp bends from thicker wire you can “pinch” the bend with a pair of pliers while the wire is still in the tool. To prevent the pliers from leaving a mark on the wire use a pair with smooth jaws or add a small ‘face’ of plastic card inside the pliers jaws before using them to “pinch” the wire bend.

Adding the wire grad handles to your model is best done by drilling appropriate sized locating holes and then just slip the grab handle in place with a dab of cyanoacrylate to hold in place.

A simple tool to use and could have many uses from making the smallest of handles to the larger handles as seen on Russian tank turret ets., the tool can be used to make handles for all types of models from Armour, Ships, Trucks, Sci-Fi to Railroad and as the saying goes ‘practice makes perfect’ so get bending.

Highly recommended.

Thanks to Jon from Mission Models for the Grabhandler sample.

Page created 29 May 2004

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