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Sd.Kfz. 251/7 Ausf.C mittere Pionierpanzerwagen
Kit Comparison
AFV Club #AF 35077 - Dragon #6223,#6224
1:35th Scale
Kit Comparison by Terry Ashley

This brief comparison will look at the Pioneer/Engineer details included in the Dragon kit #6224 Sd.Kfz.251/7 option and in the new AFV Club Sd.Kfz.251/7 Ausf.C kit AF35077. (The same basic bridge sections are also included in Dragon’s Sd.Kfz.251 Ausf.D 3 in 1 kit #6223.)

Since posting the first reviews of the Dragon 3 in 1 kits #6223 and #6224 with the /7 Pioneer-Assault Bridge options included I have acquired additional references which show the Assault Bridges size as depiceted in the AFV Club kit while Dragon kit bridges are considerably smaller in both length and width. There is no indication in these references (Panzertracks No.15-2 mittlere Schüetzenpanzerwagen and Rayton Publications Schüetzenpanzerwagen) to indicate the bridge sections came in different sizes but Wydawnictwo Militaria No.215 Sd.Kfz.251 briefly mentions two different sized bridges and a side view drawing of a smaller bridge but no other information. All available photos of /7s show the wider bridge sections but as always I’m open to additional information on this.

Actual measurements of the 8 metric ton bridge sections are; Length: 388.62cm (12 foot, 9 inches), Width: 40.64cm (1 foot, 4 inches), this translates in 1:35 scale to length 111.04mm and width 11.61mm.
These measurements have been taken from actual bridge sections at various museums. (Thanks to Jon Bailey)
Based on these measurements the AF bridge measures length 111.04mm, width 11.25mm (-.36mm) while the DR bridge measures length 106mm and width 8.25mm with these being 5mm shorter and 3mm narrower and than the AF parts.

8 Metric ton Bridge Sections:
The AFV Club (AF) bridges come in two main parts, the upper deck with details on both upper and lower sides and the lower curved frame sections while the Dragon (DR) bridges come in one part with top deck and lower frame section with side details added using slide moulds. The AF bridge sections match available plans and indicated size information references while those in the DR kits are considerably smaller. There are also embossed numbers on the decks with the AF showing the number 8 while the DR deck has the number 16, this may also indicate different sized bridges?

The details on the top bridge section are better defined on the AF parts due to the upper decking being a separate part allowed underside detail.

Some of the side details are included in the AF lower frame while they are separate on the DR bridges to keep the detail definition and the upper attachment handles are moulded finer on the DR parts. There are two side grab handles on the AF bridges in plastic which will require careful handling when removing from the sprues while the grab handles on the DR bridges are provided as formed brass handles for quick and easy handles.

The hull side triangular mounting brackets are the same size in both kits although the lightening hole is larger in the AF brackets and also the top section are separate parts in the AF kit providing better detail definition than the top of the brackets in the DR kit. The wood planks sometimes fitted between the hull side bridge mounting brackets to form an additional storage area are provided in the DR kit but not in the AF kit but as these were not always fitted to Ausf.C vehicles and it would be easy to make these from thin balsa wood to add to the AF kit if required. 

Additional Pioneer Equipment:
The DR kit has etched parts for the large storage boxes that replace the rear two crew seats on the inside while the AF kit has plastic boxes but the DR instructions are a little confusing as the boxes appear in some steps but not in others, so take care.
The AF kit has the mine racks in three parts for nice details while the DR kit provides these moulded in softer DS100 vinyl as are the additional hand grenade and ammo boxes. A few additional 7.62mm ammo magazines and boxes are in the AF kit while the DR kit has comprehensive pioneer equipment sprue (P) that while not specific for the /7 does give plenty of added equipment for diorama purposes.

The bridge sections in the AF kit have nice details included while depicting the most common type seen and match the actual dimensions almost exactly while the DR bridges are considerably smaller in length, width and height. There is no evidence (to date) that there were actually different sized bridges (yes there were different weight ratings) and if there were those depicted in the DR kit would be very rare indeed with the kit not depicting the most common configuration.

Details on the two part bridge sections of the AF kit have better detail definition than the single piece bridge of the DR kits with the brass grab handles on the DR bridges being a nice inclusion and the DR kit also offers the usual array of additional items.

AFV Club bridge parts
AFV Club
Dragon bridge parts
Comparison of bridge sections showing different sized parts

Also see the full Sd.Kfz.251 Ausf.C comparison review.



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