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Bronco Models Kit No. CB-35043 - Trumpeter Kit #05532

Chapter 7: Rear Deck
Chapter 7: Rear Deck:
Without wanting to be too flippant, the only thing depicted correctly on the Trumpeter deck is it is a rectangle while the Bronco deck pretty much nails it for the Sd.Kfz.6/2 deck, although both decks have minor dimensional differences compared to the Panzer Tracts plans.

The Bronco deck is 1mm shorter and the Trumpeter deck 1mm longer than the plans indicate which means the difference between the two kit decks is 2mm, this translates to the lengths of the side mesh frames as well, there is also minor width differences but not really worth bothering about in the scheme of things but let’s have a closer look.

BroncoBronco: The deck has the correct floor panel layout and subtle tread plate pattern and you have a choice of early taillight setup (twin small lights either side) or the later setup (single tail position keeping light on the left side) plus the number plate.

The side frames are the correct height and have the correct frame upright layout for the Sd.Kfz.6/2 with a choice of early or late style etched mesh; this is quite thin so you have to make sure you don’t distort it while fitted as the actual vehicle mesh (grill) is quite thick. It should be noted the actual “mesh” on German half-tracks isn’t mesh in the normal sense but more like the slat armour bars seen on modern armoured vehicles so the etched mesh is a compromise in any case.

The side frames, the Bronco frames are the right size with the correct upright frame arrangments
while the Trumpeter frames are too tall and have the upright frame layout of the Sd.Kfz.7/2, not the

Added to the frames are the pioneer tools, some having etched brackets as well as the small grab handles on the edges and additional etched strip for the inner frames so when you lay the sides open there isn’t just the flat rear side of the etched mesh, a nice touch. Added along the rear frame are four racks for the 3.7cm ammo boxes supplied, these boxes can only be built in the closed position which isn’t a big problem.

On the deck itself you get the large flat spare barrel box of the correct size, this can be shown open if you wish with the full interior supplied including the two spare barrels and separate flash suppressors, note these are stowed separate from the barrels when in the box. A smaller tool box is on the left side along with the spare front wheel and at the front are racks for 3.7cm ammo cases/boxes. Two styles are provided the flat case and metal box with enough supplied of each to fill the racks or some of each.

You also get a full R36 rangefinder with shoulder supports and this can be stowed in the two part box supplied or added to a crew figure in a diorama setting, note the is box is stowed in the tool lockers located under the rear deck with the locker doors correctly depicted in the kit.

The folding crew seats have textured seat canvas and thin side frames with head rest and the seats can be positioned raised or lowered as required with the completed deck and frames making an excellent representation of the real thing.

Added under the deck are the side/rear fender sections that include additional large foldable mud flaps with fine two part etched hinge brackets as well as very small inner plastic springs between the main fender and folding mud flap for excellent detail definition.

Choice of early or late style tail lights as well as the large mud flaps included
also note the lockers under the deck as they should be.

Bronco Models

TrumpeterTrumpeter: Unfortunately Trumpeter has again taken most the details from their Sd.Kfz.7/2 deck just shrinking it a little for this kit. The deck panel layout is incorrect with oversized tread plate and the side frames have the support posts layout of the Sd.Kfz.7/2 frames which are incorrect for the Sd.Kfz.6/2, you could cut these away and add them back in the correct position if you wished but the frames themselves are too tall by about 1.5mm in any case.

The etched mesh supplied has basically the later style but again the actual “mesh” on German half-tracks isn’t mesh in the normal sense but more like the slat armour bars seen on modern armoured vehicles so the etched mesh is a compromise in any case.

The only thing added to the frames are the small grab handles on the edges but these are oversized and no pioneer tools or ammo boxes are supplied so the frames are noticeably devoid of anything compared to the actual side frames, most notably the four ammo boxes on the rear frame which are very prominent on the real thing.  You get a spare barrel box but this is too long and not wide enough with the barrels supplied having the flash suppressor attached but these should be separate and stowed separately from the barrel within the box, but the box isn’t wide enough so you can’t do this anyway should you want to show the box open?

At the back you don’t get any tail lights at all just the number plate in etched brass that needs the “feet” to be carefully bent to shape ensuring the plate sits level when fitted. The spare front wheel is stowed under the rear deck as per the Sd.Kfz.6 and 7/2 but this is incorrect for the Sd.Kfz.6/2 which has the spare on the top left corner of the deck and storage lockers under the deck where Trumpeter has the spare so you don’t get the lockers either.

Rear of the deck showing the absence of the tail lights and large mud flaps.
Also note the incorrect placement of the spare wheel under the deck.


The two crew seats are just flat panels that seem to just “hang” in mid air due to the lack of the ammo storage underneath but you can fit these raised or lowered as desired. The back rests are attached to the rear cab panel with separate L shaped side supports; the locating pins for the back rest are visible from the cab side and are rather unsightly.

Added to the underside of the deck are the side/rear fender sections but these are completely missing the large foldable mud flaps that are very prominent on period photos of the Sd.Kfz.6/2 and you will have to make these from thin plastic card or similar, but the inevitable aftermarket etched set will probably include these as well?

As mentioned this is a very poor representation of the Sd.Kfz.6/2 rear deck and will require considerably work to bring it into line as well as scavenging pioneer tools and ammo boxes from where ever you can find them. The Bronco deck is by far the better representation of the actual Sd.Kfz.6/2 deck and it’s accessories in all respects.

Overall views of the assembled deck added to the chassis, note the lack of features on the Trumpeter deck (bottom).
Bronco Models
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