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Bronco Models Kit No. CB-35043 - Trumpeter Kit #05532

Chapter 9: Decals/Extras
Chapter 9: Decals/Extras:
Bronco Included in the Bronco kit is a large selection of 3.7cm ammo boxes, you get sixteen six round cases moulded in two halves so you can show these open if you wish plus sixteen ten round boxes that can only be assembled in the closed position.  Detail on the cases/boxes is nicely done assembly of the boxes neatly done with bevelled edges to eliminate any join seams with enough cases/boxes to fully load up the vehicle with some spares.

The large spare barrel box again is the correct size and has well done details with inner details that allow you to display the box open in a diorama setting. Importantly the spare barrels are separate from the finely moulded flash suppressors as these were stowed separately within the box. The barrels themselves also include the screw threads on the breech end for added detail. You should note that there are actually two spare barrel boxes in the kit with one inherited from the previous 3.7cm FlaK 37 which isn’t used with the 5ton so make sure you use the appropriate box parts as per the instructions.

Spare barrel box the correct size with internal layout correctly having the flash supressor stowed separate from the barrels..
Bronco Models
The R36 rangefinder can be stowed in the box or assembled with the shoulder frame to use with a figure.
Bronco Models

Also included is a 1-meter R36 rangefinder with separate eye piece and storage box along with the shoulder support frame made up of 5 parts that will allow you to use this on the appropriate figure in a diorama setting, there is also the small frame storage box supplied. Note; if using the rangefinder with a figure you should cut off the two locating pins used when adding the rangefinder inside the box.

No trailer is included in the kit but as there are a number of photos available of the Sd.Kfz.6/2 in combat and on the march without a trailer attached it’s not essential in any case. If you wanted an accurate Sd.Ah.52 trailer the excellent Bronco Models Sd.Ah.52 3.7cm Flak 36/37 Ammunition Carriage Trailer (kit #CB-35079) would be the best option.

The decal sheet has a wide selection of vehicle number plates and unit markings, plus stencil data and the instrument panel dials but there is no specific unit information given in the colour profiles on the instruction sheet.
  • 24.Pz.Div., near Stalingrad 1942
  • Unidentified Luftwaffe Flak Abt., Russia 1943

TrumpeterThe only additional item included in the Trumpeter kit is a spare barrel box that is the incorrect size being too long and not deep enough, also the two spare barrels provided have the flash suppressors moulded with the barrel but these are stowed separately in the actual spare barrel box. Detail on the box is rather sparse and only has the grab handles moulded on one side instead of both like it should be.

You don’t get any additional ammo boxes and as the rear deck of the actual vehicle is loaded with ammo cases/boxes under drew seats and on the rear fold down frame this absence is quite conspicuous.

The incorrectly sized spare barrel box has the barrels and flash supressors as one unit which is incorrect.

The kit does include the large supply trailer from their earlier Sd.Kfz.7/2 kits which unfortunately still has the lower chassis of the Sd.Ah.52 trailer and the large box from the Sd.Ah.56 trailer while the actual trailer should be the smaller Sd.Ah.52. Trumpeter have modified the chassis from the previous kits by eliminating the two winch units and provide plugs for the box where these were located to give a better visual appearance of the Sd.Ah.56 trailer but as mentioned it should be the Sd.Ah.52 trailer in any case.

If you wanted an accurate Sd.Ah.52 trailer the excellent Bronco Models Sd.Ah.52 3.7cm Flak 36/37 Ammunition Carriage Trailer (kit #CB-35079) would be a better choice than the incorrect hybrid trailer included in the Trumpeter kit.

The small decal sheet has markings for a single vehicle plus the instrament dials and some data blocks.

Images of the trailer supplied, this is the incorrect type as mentioned above.

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