Vol.1 Basic Set
ABER 1:35 Set #35 128
Review by Terry Ashley

Etched parts
ABER have released three etched sets designed for the excellent Tamiya T-55 kit which can also be used for the Trumpeter T-55 kit.

This set Vol.1 labelled as “Basic Set” is like others anything but with the six page instruction sheet giving some idea of the number of parts included on the two frets in the set. 

The standard of etched in again excellent with extremely fine parts cleanly etched that also include fine bend lines as do the larger parts where required. Due to the small size of many of the parts care will be needed when removing them from the frets and of course while fitting to the target kit.

Most of the parts are very small detail items with the largest parts being the fine mesh engine deck intake screens with the rearmost engine screens having additional bracing added over the mesh screen.

Every attachment bracket/mounting around the hull is replaced with small etched items such as the station keep light brackets, head light brackets, all storage box latches in two parts as well as the lifting handles and hull attachment brackets which require you to cut off the moulded on latches and mountings before adding the etched replacements.

The rear mounted fuel drums have new mounting brackets and securing straps with multi-part latches that again require the moulded on straps be removed for the kit drums.

All the fuel cells down the right fender have new intricate hull attachment brackets, lifting handles and mountings for the fuel lines as well as an overhead plan view of the fuel line layout so you position these correctly from thin wire not included in the set. This also requires the kit attachment and latch detail to be removed before hand but the resulting detail will look extremely detailed on the characteristic feature of the T-55.

On the turret are additional detail parts for inside the two hatches with the inner rim and liner plus periscope housings and securing latches to replace the kit parts as well as the mounting ring and attachments for the connecting arm between the barrel and search light.

All the 12.7mm MG ammo racks on the turret side are provided with seven parts for each bracket which in typical ABER style can be assembled to fold up just like the real thing if not fitted around an ammo box.

There are additional detail parts for the 12.7mm MG as well as the many smaller fitting and brackets around the turret such as well as the mountings for both the large and small search lights, details for the main sight aperture plus others.

The six page instruction sheet has the usual ABER exploded view drawings which are quite easy to follow even with the most complicated sub-assembly but of course careful study of the sequences before assembly will help.

As mentioned this set has many very small and delicate parts with quite a few built into small sub-assemblies that are then added to the kit with the parts provided replacing just about every bracket and attachment on the hull and turret with the engine deck screens included.

This set will really add some fine detail to the kit and you can make the choice just how far you go in adding the finer details to really enhance the finesse of the target kits but you best reach for those magnifiers.

Highly recommended

The other update sets available for the T-55 kits are;

Thanks to ABER for the sample set.
Airconnection carry the full range of ABER update and barrels sets.

Page Created December 7, 2005

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