Vol.1 - basic set

ABER 1:35 Set #35 143
Review by Terry Ashley

This update/detail set is designed for the Tamiya KV-1 (Kits #35066 and 35142) and consists of two frets of finely etched parts, four resin hatch covers and a metal rod but as with other ABER sets the term “basic set” is quite the understatement.

The larger update parts are the upper engine deck intake screens that require you to cut away the kit intakes and rebuild the inner brackets and add the screen cover that greatly improves the kit intakes. The rear engine intakes under the hull overhang are also proved with lower plate and upper screen to again greatly improve this area.

The four resin hatch covers are for the two engine deck access hatches with additional etched surrounds and the turret and hull crew hatches which also have circular etched sills. One the inside on the two crew hatches are detailed latch mechanisms that consist of 30 individual parts each in typical ABER fashion. Assembly is quite straightforward if you follow the instructions and take it one small step at a time and you will have to leave the hatches open to show off the superb details.

Two views of the assembled hatch mechanism

The Commander’s turret cupola is equally well detailed with another 33 parts making up the hatch ring and MG mount and all four turret and the hull periscopes are provided in 7 etched parts each for nicely detailed parts but you will have to add the clear ‘glass’ from thin sheet.

The remaining parts are for small hull fittings, exhaust mounting brackets, hinges, handles and brackets for the fender storage boxes plus other smaller fittings around the hull as well as the typical Russian cross cut saw and mounting on the front fender.

The instructions are the typical exploded view drawings which are easy to follow but of course you should study these carefully before assembly to fully understand the sequences.

A very detailed update set that will add considerable detail to the Tamiya kit and if used in conjunction with the fender set (#35 144 or #35 146) will fully transform the kit details.

Highly recommended.

Etched parts
Resin/metal parts

Thanks to Michael from Airconnection for the sample barrel.
Airconnection carry the full range of ABER update sets and barrels.

Page Created 1 June 2005

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