German Light Tank Pz.Kpfw.38(t)
Vol.2 Basic Set

#35 200
Review by Terry Ashley

This is the first of three sets from ABER designed for the Tristar Pz.Kpfw.38(t) E/F/G kits (#35020, #35022) and contains one large and one small fret of etched parts plus 80 very small cast resin bolt heads to use for the many hinges and support brackets on the 38(t).

The quality of the etching is excellent as with past ABER sets with very fine details as well as embossed and engraved details plus the usual engraved bending lines where needed.

As with previous “basic sets” this has mostly the smaller and more intricate details for the kits with the largest items being the typical 38(t) perforated fender storage box which has additional latches and support brackets added.

On the engine deck there is the intake grill with separate frame that requires careful bending but unfortunately on my set the engraved bending lines were not fully formed and missing from one side which is unusual and using an etched bending tool will be essential here to get the bend in the correct position.

The intake has the inner grill mesh very finely etched as well as the outer mesh screen and the sliding cover that goes between the two for quite and intricate assembly but will look very good when assembled.

Another extremely complex assembly is the rear hull mounted smoke grenade rack with the rack itself requiring numerous bends as well as the end sections of the outer cover curved with the smoke candles made from plastic rod (not included).
The mechanism on the left side of the rack has numerous parts held together with small sections of thin plastic rod as well as a spring made from thin wire (both the rod and wire not included).

Nearly all of the engine deck hinges are replaced with etched parts as are the hinges on the glacis inspection hatch and the turret hatches and you have a choice of using etched bolt heads or the resin bolt heads provided which have a better 3D effect than the flatter etched items.

All the tool clips and brackets are provided as etched parts plus additional details for the jack with these requiring you to cut the moulded on clips and brackets from the kit parts.

Other details include the tail light face and brackets plus the complete front mounted horn and details for the Notek light and other smaller fittings around the vehicle.

This set has many of the smaller detail items to add those finer details to the kits but some assemblies are quite intricate such as the smoke racks and engine deck intakes and some previous experience working with etched parts would be helpful.

A little work is needed to remove some moulded on kit details to take the etched parts but nothing beyond most modellers and you will have to provide the plastic rod and wire yourself.

Recommended 7.5/10

Download the instructions in .pdf format.

Etched and resin parts

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Thanks to ABER for the review sets.
Airconnection carry the full range of ABER update sets and barrels.

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