British Sherman VC Firefly
Vol.2 - fenders

ABER 1:35 Set #35 216
Review by Terry Ashley

TascaThis second update set from ABER for the excellent Tasca Sherman VC Firelfy (kit #35009) provides on two small frets a full set of sand shields as often fitted to British Shermans.

The standard of etching is again excellent with some very finely etched parts along with good relief and definition and the usual bending lines where needed.

The set is fairly simple as it gives you the side shields in three sections along with the front fender extensions that do require bending to shape but this is not a problem as it is a large curve.

Added to the set are all the fender mounting brackets and the joining brackets and separate bolt heads for the side fender sections plus the inside brackets on the rear fender sections for very detailed sand shields.

This is a fairly simple set in the scheme of things and can be used in conjunction with the hull side mounting strips in set #35 215 or with the kit brackets and the addition of the attachments brackets provides a nicely detailed set of sand shields for the Tasca Sherman.

Highly recommended 8/10.
Etched frets
Instructions Sheet
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Thanks to ABER for the sample set.

Page created May 29, 2007