German Cargo Truck
Opel Blitz

ABER 1:35 Set #35 227
Review by Terry Ashley

This Set:

ABER have released this set designed for the recent Tamiya German 3ton 4x2 Cargo Truck (kit #35291) and provides quite extensive updates for modeller's who want to add more than just the basics to the model.

The set consists of two etched frets, one 123mm x 72mm the other 98mm x 48mm as well as a thin clear sheet for the cab windscreen/side windows and instrument panel dials plus a two sided A4 instruction sheet.

Standard of etching is again excellent with some very finely etched parts along with good relief and definition and the usual bending lines where needed.

There are many very small parts and some intricate bending and sub-assemblies involved and previous experience working with etched parts would be an advantage. Some of the parts provided require the moulded on detail from the kit to be removed prior to fitting but the modifications needed are not that extensive and shouldn't pose any problems.

For the lower chassis all the suspension spring mounting brackets and plates are provided in etched parts that require you to cut away the mountings from the kit leaf springs. The mountings for the rear springs are in multiple parts and care will be needed to ensure the suspension sits at the correct height when the replacement etched parts are fitted to the chassis. The additional chassis brackets for the reinforced rear suspension are also included but as mentioned in the review of the Tamiya kit the rear springs included are not applicable to the early type truck in the kit, but it's nice these parts are provided if you wanted to convert the truck to the later type.

The cab interior has replacement driver's clutch, brake and accelerator pedals as well as the foot rest along with a new etched instrument panel with photo film dials as well as some small knobs for the panel. The cab rifle rack base and clip on the dash board is provided and the upper clip can be postioned open or closed.

The inner door handles and window winders are replaced with etched parts that have two "halves" that you fold over onto each other to give a little more thickness to the handles and it would be an idea to lightly file the edges of these to give a more rounded appearance once fitted. You obviously need to cut away the moulded on handles for the doors which shouldn't be a problem.

All the cab windows and windscreen are replaced with the thin clear sheet provided along with etched frames, these frames are designed to fold over themselves trapping the clear sheet in between the two frame halves but take care when gluing this as super glue and clear sheet traditionally don't like each other and it's very easy to "craze" the clear window if not careful. The best way to glue these together is to fold the etched frame over the clear window and hold with a pair of flat nosed tweezers and apply a very small amount of thin super glue to the outside edge of the frame only, this should use capillary action to run into the joins and providing you don't use too much glue leave the clear window nice and clear.

The assembled windscreen and window "sandwiches" then fit into the recesses inside the kit cab and door frames but test fit in case some minor filing is required to get a snug fit and there are also two part etched windscreen wipers added to the outside either before or after painting depending on your preferences.

The largest updates in the set is the full engine hood in etched metal and the top/side panel has to be bent with a large curve and the insides of the etched hood have embossed recesses to aid in the bending which is best done around a thicker rod (or screwdriver shaft) to ensure the bend angle is not too sharp. You could also use the kit hood as a jig to aid in the bending process. Annealing the panels by running the part through a candle flame until red hot will also soften the metal making adding the bend easier, but take the usual care when using a naked flame of course.

All the louvers along the sides of the hood panels are open and you have to lightly press out the louvers to form the raised louvers and it's best to emboss the louvers after bending the main hood to shape as this will help reduce deforming of the hood as you emboss the louvers.

The two hood side panels are attached to the upper central panel with small clips that allow the hood to be opened or closed with the whole hood assembly replacing the kit plastic parts without alterations required on the kit.

Other detail added to the cab/engine compartment is the "Opel Blitz" badge for the engine front grill, mounting brackets for the head and Notec lights that replace the kit brackets as well as all the tool clips and brackets including the larger fender brackets for the shovel and pick axe. There is also a new etched shovel spade that replaces the kit item as well as the multi-part jack brackets on the right running board.

The fender width indicator brackets are also included along with alternate rear view mirror brackets for the fenders or driver's door sill as well as the number plates for front and back.

For the rear cargo tray there are the side gate attachment brackets, the two turn indicator assemblies (4 parts each), tie down cleats and brackets for the canvas tilt frames when stowed as well as the rear gate steps and the storage boxes under the tray are completely replaced in etched workable hinges on the larger box as well as separate pad locks for good detail.

There is also a multi-part Jerry Can rack and additional details for the kit Jerry Can of pour spout and central plate for between the two kit can halves plus the underside fender brackets and rear mounting brackets plus the rear convoy kight with separate flap depending on how you want to display the light.


This is a double sided A4 sheet with exploded view drawings of the many small sub-assemblies and part placements but due to the number of parts these are very busy and you will have to make mcareful study of the instruction sequences to avoid any assembly problems or miss some parts.

But the sequences are quite easy to follow desoite the cluttered appearance providing you take the time to study these before gluing.


This is a fairly comprehensive update set for the Tamiya "Opel Blitz" that will allow you to add more than just the basics if you want more of a challenge, the full engine hood with open louvers and working hinges will add some nice animation to the model for a diorama setting.

Highly recommended
Etched frets and clear film
Instruction Sheet
in .pdf format

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Thanks to my Credit Card and Blast Models for the review set.

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