Turret Stowage bin for Pz.Kpfw.III
1:35 set #35 A104
Turret Stowage bin for Pz.Kpfw.IV
1:35 set #35 A105
Review by Terry Ashley

ABER have released these two sets with set 35A104 containing a single turret storage bin for the Panzer III and Set 35A105 a single storage bin for the Panzer IV.

Each set is similar but obviously have the slightly different shape for the appropriate bin with each set consisting of approximately 38 etched parts.

The main parts are the bin body which bends to form the bottom and sides with separate front and back plates and top frame with separate upper bin lid and many smaller details parts.

The main body has to be bent to the curved shape and the front and rear panels can be used as templates to bend to the required angles with perforations on the inside of the etched body making the upper gentle bend easier to achieve.

Soldering the front and back panels to the main body would be the best option to ensure a robust assembly.

The lid has separate inner stiffeners as well as hinges which can be made workable allowing you to show the lid open or closed as required and further detailed with two five part latches.

Additional ‘rivet strips are provided for around the bottom and upper bin edges on which you emboss or press out the small rivets to give a raised effect.

Very nicely detailed turret bins for the Pz.III and IV that will require a bit of work to assemble but will allow you to show the lid open or closed and add a nice touch to any applicable kit.


Set #35 A104 Panzer III Bin
Set #35 A105 Panzer IV Bin

Thanks to ABER and Airconnection for the sample set.
Airconnection carry the full range of ABER update and barrels sets.

Page Created September 11, 2005

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