Panther Ausf.D/A & early G
#35 L-04
Construction Review by Terry Ashley

This replacement barrel is designed for either the Dragon or Italeri Panther kits.

As well as the full length aluminium barrel there is four brass parts and six etched metal parts for the muzzle break for superb detail definition.

Unassembled parts

The barrel itself measures up well when compared to the plans in the Panzer Tracks Panther book as does the assembled muzzle brake.

The muzzle brake parts are machined to tight tolerances but there may be some fine adjustments needed to fit the parts together.

Before assembling the barrel test fit the rear section of the muzzle brake to the barrel as you may need to use a fine needle file to slightly open up the hole for a good fit. In assembling the barrel it is best to add the rear collar and etched ring (part 3) to the barrel separate to the muzzle brake.

In assembling the centre bracket ensure the brass ring is centred in the rear section of the muzzle brake and that the two etched detail parts have their notches lined up, these parts can be glued in place with liquid cyanoacrylate.

The front section of the muzzle brake is a very snug fit and with a bit of firm thumb pressure you may not even need glue to hold it in place.

Assembled barrel


Finally there is the three small parts in the fitting on the top of the muzzle brake and as these are very small you will need to take care when removing from the fret and in fitting them.

This is a superbly detailed barrel and the details in the muzzle brake really do stand out from other barrels with hollow metal or resin muzzle brakes.

Highly recommended.

Thanks to Michael from Airconnection for the sample barrel.
Airconnection carry the full range of ABER update sets and barrels.

Page Created 28 June 2004

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