German 75mm Barrel for KwK 40 L48
early muzzle brake for Pz.IV Ausf.G(late)-Ausf.H

#35 L-46
German 75mm Barrel for KwK 40 L48
mid muzzle brake for Pz.IV Ausf.H(late)-Ausf.J (early)

#35 L-47
German 75mm Barrel for KwK 40 L48
late muzzle brake for Pz.IV Ausf.J (late)

#35 L-48
Reviews by Terry Ashley


Following on from the three barrel sets for the PaK40 anti-tank gun (sets #35 L-19 Early, #35 L-45 Mid and #35 L-25 Late) comes these three sets for the 75mm KwK40 L/48 gun designed for the Tamiya Panzer IV kits.

The sets are #35 L-46 for Pz.IV Ausf.G (late)-Ausf.H, set #35 L-47 for Pz.IV Ausf.H (late)-Ausf.J (early) and set #35 L-48 for Pz.IV Ausf.J (late). These can be used on any of the Tamiya Panzer IV kits #35209 Panzer IV Ausf H Early, kit #35181 Panzer IV Ausf.J and kit #35262 Panzer IV Ausf.J with etched parts and zimmerit with the applicable barrel set.

Each barrel set is basically the same apart from the style of muzzle brake used so we will look at the three together with appropriate comments for the individual barrels.

The sets consist of a full length turned aluminium barrel with rifling in the drilled out muzzle plus four formed brass and six etched parts for the muzzle brake.

Unassembled parts
Barrel and etched parts the same for each set

Muzzle brake parts sets -46, -47, -48 (left to right)
Differences in muzzle brakes

The rear of the muzzle brake and the rear collar may need to be slightly enlarged using a fine needle file to fit onto the barrel and the small etched ring between the rear collar and muzzle brake may also need to be enlarged slightly and this is best done while the part is still attached to the etched fret for easier handling.

Assembly of the muzzle brake is straightforward but you may have to slightly enlarge the inner diameter of the barrel collar and rear muzzle brake part to fit the barrel using a fine round needle file, test fitting will determine this.

The small etched ring between the muzzle brake and collar may also need to be filed and this is best done while the ring is still attached to the fret for easier handling and again test fitting will determine the amount of filing needed.

Ensure you line up the two small etched flanges on the inner muzzle brake brass grommet and this should be attached inside the front muzzle brake part and not the rear part as indicated in the instructions to make fitting the two muzzle brake parts together much easier.

Also ensure the side holes in the two muzzle brake parts are lined up correctly as they are fitted together fitted together with the fit of these parts being very precise for an excellent final appearance.

To fit the metal barrel to the Tamiya kits require the plastic barrel to be cut from the gun breech leaving the projection on part C20 intact with the metal barrel fitting inside the breech halves but I did need to enlarge the hole in the plastic breech halves so they fit together okay, this being the only modifications needed on the Tamiya kits.

Assembly of 35 L-46 early barrel
Alterations to Tamiya kit barrels
cut off barrel at line leaving the projection on part C20
ABER barrel fits inside breech halves
Barrel assembly

The metal and etched collar fitted to the barrel with the etched detail rings
added to the inside grommet which in turn is added inside the
outer muzzle brake part for easier assembly

Views of fully assembled late muzzle brake
Note: Muzzle brake fitted for image only and you must slip the barrel through the
assembled gun mount and mantlet on the Tamiya kit before attaching the muzzle brakes.

One thing the instructions don’t tell you is the metal barrel must be fitted thought the Tamiya gun mount (part C11), the turret front panel (part C44) and assembled kit mantlet (parts C12, C18, C19 and C7) before attaching the brass muzzle brake to the barrel as it is impossible to do this later.

These barrels are excellent with well detailed muzzle brakes and nicely machined barrel with only minor alterations needed on the target kits to add considerable more detail to the kit guns.

Highly recommended.

Thanks to ABER for the review barrel sets.
Airconnection carry the full range of ABER update sets and barrels.

Page Created 14 August 2005

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