German 280mm Grenates 39/42
for Leopold Rail Gun

#35 P-01
Review by Terry Ashley

This set has three machined aluminium 280mm rounds to dress up either the Dragon or Trumpeter Leopold kits and consists of three rounds plus etched parts for the base details and six small screw heads on each round.

The Gr39/42 round featured soft metal firing rings around the base as opposed to the raised ribs of the Gr35 round done so well by Nuts'n'Bits and these fine brass firing rings are already fitted in place on the ABER rounds to make things easy.

The only assembly is to add the etched base plate on each round and you will have to lightly file around the edges to get these flush with the round after the cyanoacrylate has cured which is easily done.

There are six very small screw heads to be fitted to each round with the locations marked with small indentations and it is best to use some sort of magnifying device and a good light when removing the screw heads from the fret and fitting in place with a small dab of cyanoacrylate. After fitting I gave the screw heads a light sanding with fine wet and dry paper to just take the edge off the parts which makes them blend in a little better while still retailing the details.

If you don’t want to go blind adding the screw heads the small locating indentations will represent the screws heads okay in most cases except for close up inspection.

A nice set of 280mm rounds for the Leopolds with excellent details included on the finely machined rounds such as the firing bands already in place and the added etched parts that will dress up your Leopold nicely with the round sitting in the loading trolley.

Highly recommended.

We now have a good selection of Leopold rounds with this Gr 39/42 set, the R Gr 4331 and R Gr 4341 sets (both from ABER) or the Gr 42 rounds from Schatton Modellbau, the Gr 35 rounds from Nuts'n'Bits and the poor cousin Gr 35 and Gr 42 rounds from Verlinden.

unassembled parts and assembled round with base plate and screw heads added

Thanks to Michael from Airconnection for the sample barrel.
Airconnection carry the full range of ABER update sets and barrels.

Page Created 7 March 2005

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