German 280mm R Grenates 4331
for Leopold Rail Gun

#35 P-02
Review by Terry Ashley

The R Gr 4331 was a splined shell of similar appearance to Gr 35 (available from Nuts’n’Bits)and was fitted with a time fuse in the nose to initiate a rocket motor and two special internal fuses to detonate the high explosive filling. The blast pipe exit in the base was sealed by a heavy plug preventing the propellant flash from igniting the rocket prematurely with the plug being blown clear by the rocket blast after ignition. Range was 13-15 km (8-9.5 miles) and the shell contained 19.50 kg (43.00 lb.) of rocket propellant and 14.00kg (30.87 lb.) of high explosive.

This set has two machined aluminium 28cm R Gr 4331 rounds suitable for either the Dragon or Trumpeter Leopold kits and consists of two rounds with brass firing bands already in place plus separate brass nose fuses and etched parts for the splines and small screw heads on each round.

The nose fuses fit snugly into the aluminium shell but you may need to slightly enlarge the shell opening and the usual test fitting will determine this. Fitting the etched splines into the engraved locating grooves will require care and patience with soldering being a good option for a permanent fit although careful use of cyanoacrylate will also do the job.

There is a very small screw head to be fitted to each round with the location marked with a small indentation and it is easy to fit in place with a small dab of cyanoacrylate. After fitting I gave the screw heads a light sanding with fine wet and dry paper to just take the edge off the parts which makes them blend in a little better while still retailing the details.

If you don't want to go blind adding the screw heads some sort of magnifying device and a good light will help and the small locating indentations will represent the screws heads okay if you don't want to add the screw heads in most cases except for close up inspection.

Another nice set of 280mm rounds for the Leopold kits with excellent details included on the finely machined firing bands already in place and the added etched parts that will dress up your Leopold nicely with the round sitting in the loading trolley.

Highly recommended

We now have a good selection of Leopold rounds with this R Gr 4331 set, the R Gr 4341 and Gr 39/42 (both from ABER) or the Gr 42 rounds from Schatton Modellbau, the Gr 35 rounds from Nuts'n'Bits and the poor cousin Gr 35 and Gr 42 rounds from Verlinden.

unassembled parts and assembled round with splines and screw heads added


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