U.S. Medium Tank Flexible Vinyl Track Set
1:35th Scale
Academy Europe Set # 35003
Review by Terry Ashley

Academy Europe have available this set of five different vinyl track sets for the M4 Sherman and associated vehicles such as the M10, M12 and M36 together in the one package to use on any model for a different look.

Each track set is in full length vinyl and comes packaged in a long plastic tube so the tracks are flat ensuring there is no distortion or strange bends to contend with and are in conventional firmer vinyl and joined with the pins on the end which you melt weld together with a hot screwdriver tip.

The five types included in the set are the T48 VVSS Rubber Chevron with duckbill end connectors, T49 VVSS Steel Block, T51 VVSS Rubber Block, T54E1 VVSS Steel Chevron and T80 HVSS Steel Chevron for a good selection of the most common types of Sherman tracks.

The detail on the track lengths is very good for this medium with the end connectors in the correct position and nicely detailed track link details, the only issue being about eight small pour points spread along the track length but are easy enough to cut off with a sharp blade, there were a couple that were indented which could be filled with simulated mud.

The only real detail issue is with the T54E1 VVSS Steel Chevron which includes three small studs on each pad and this is associated with the T56E1 or T62 tracks and for the T54E1 you can cut off these studs.

Being in the stiffer vinyl is not a problem as there is no track sag evident of these tracks as they are “live”, meaning the are tensioned and will curl up on themselves when not on the vehicle and this keeps them from sagging like you see with “dead” track typical of German and Russian tanks in WWII.

The sets are obviously designed to fit the Academy Sherman kit drive sprockets but they will also fit the Dragon, Italeri and Tamiya Sherman kit sprockets as thankfully all have the sprockets the right size and tooth pitch.

The VVSS tracks are the normal length and are not suitable for the longer M4A4 or M4A6 Shermans unless you get two sets and join the together for the extra length of these types.

This is very useful set of tracks which are nicely detailed and have the most common types of VVSS track and the T80 HHSS track for good measure and as mentioned you don’t have to bother with track sag and will be perfectly adequate for most applications to provide alternatives to the kit tracks.

The only thing is I am not sure of is the availability of these sets outside of Europe and contacting your favourite Academy retailer would be the best option.


T48 Chevron Rubber Block track with duckbill end connectors VVSS
T49 Steel Block track VVSS
T51 Rubber Block track VVSS
T54E1 Steel Chevron track VVSS
T80 Steel Chevron track HVSS
Thanks to Academy for the review kit
Contact Academy Europe:

The main question is where to buy the Academy Europe kits as they appear to be only available in mainland Europe.
The following online shops have the kits listed, but let me stress this is in no way an endorsement or recommendation as I have had no experience or feedback on their service levels, they are listed for your information only.
They all have Engish pages available on the sites.

Mol Plastic Modelbouw VOF
Note: I have had a number of e-mails from reliable people who say their dealings with Mol Plastic has been very good with prompt service.

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