AFV Club
German 10.5cm
Shell Cases

AFV Club1:35 Kit No. AF 35097
First Look Review by Terry Ashley

This is a very simple set of spent shell casings for the leFH18, M or /40 10.5cm Howitzer that can be used in conjunction with the previously released set #AF35074 brass 10.5cm Ammo and set #AF35062 plastic 10.5cm Ammo and accessory set to further populate diorama settings.

The set consists of twenty open sections of brass tube and etched end caps with engraved details included which you simply glue with cyanoacrylate to form the shell casings. The insides of the etched end caps have a recessed lip ensuing easy alignment with the brass body for the simplest of assembly.

All very quick and easy with the casings being completely hollow for an excellent appearance, nothing could be easier.

Another simple but very useful accessory set that can be used to fill out any diorama scene with the either of the three AFV Club 10.5cm Howitzer kits.

Highly recommended.

Metal parts
AFV Club

Leichte Feldhaubitze 18, GW II für le.F.H. 18/2 "Wespe" and "Hummel-Wespe"
Nuts & Bolts Volume 33

Tristar ShopThanks to AFV Club for the review kit.

Page Created February 26, 2006

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