AFV Club
U.S. Army 90mm Shell
AFV Club1:35 Kit No. AF 35111
First Look Review by Terry Ashley

AFV Club continues to release accessory sets for not only their own kits but any other applicable kits with this set of U.S. 90mm shells suitable to use with the M26 Pershing, M36 Jackson, M46 and M47 Patton vehicles.

The kit consists of 20 shell castings in turned brass hollowed out to a depth of about 3mm and a small indentation on the base with an additional etched fret with the 20 end caps with fine engraved stencilling included.

After carefully cutting the end caps from the fret and filing off any excess brass from the fret attachments you then attach the base cap to each shell. The end cap is slightly larger in diameter than the shell to give the lip that should be there but despite and raised inner locating circle on the inside of the cap you will have to ensure the cap sits evenly on shell base.

Using a slow curing cyanoacrylate will give you a bit of time to position the end cap which can be a little tricky to sit evenly on the end of the shell.

The finished shells are nicely detailed and can be used to add life to dioramas or any other setting the target kit finds itself in and this is another useful set in the ever increasing range of ammo rounds and shells from AFV Club.

Highly recommended.

The Sprues:

Brass shell casings
AFV Club
Etched parts
AFV Club
Detail images
AFV ClubAFV Club

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