Transport Track for Tiger I & Sturmtiger
AFV Club Set No. AF35131
1:35 Scale
Review by Terry Ashley

AFV Club continue to release there sets of different track types with this latest being the narrow transport tracks used on the Tiger I and Sturmtiger.

The track is full length vinyl and represents the early type track without the ice cleats and has excellent detail on the track links, both inside and out for this medium also with well defined end connector bolts and small gaps between the links. The only real issue is the guide horns are solid without the open holes which is something we are used to having in Tiger tracks these days.

Being full length and without any cleanup needed you only need fix the two ends together which you can do with normal plastic cement for a strong bond and the tracks are ready to fit.

I have test fitted them around the Dragon Tiger I early drive sprockets and the fit is excellent as they are for the AFV Club sprockets if you want to use these for a Sturmtiger with early track.

Views of the AFV Club vinyl tracks
The AFV Club track around the Dragon Tiger I drive sprockets.
Yes I know the road wheels aren't there, it's just to show the track details.


A simple yet well detailed (for the medium) set of narrow transport tracks with the only issue being the solid guide horns but should be useful for portraying a Tiger during transport.


Page Created January 3, 2007

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