AFV Club
Big Foot
Track for M2A2/M3A3/AAV7A1/MLRS Late/CV90
AFV Club 1:35 Kit No. AF 35133
Review by Terry Ashley

AFV Club continue to release workable track links sets with this new set of “Big Foot” links as used on the later M2A2/M3A3 Bradley, AAV7A1 RAMS/RS, M240 MLRS Later type and the CV90.

The set has approximately 205 individual links and four sprues for the separate later rectangular tracks pads with the only cleanup required on the links being the odd bit of thin flash on a minority of links and an almost invisible sprue pour point on the inside pad retaining bolt and the separate track pads requiring no cleanup after carefully cutting for their sprue attachment.

AFV Club
AFV Club

The links have very well defined end pin and rib details with each having small locating pins and corresponding pin holes and are designed to be clipped together similar to many resin track sets such as those from WW2 Productions and others.

AFV Club

Assembly is very easy and straightforward by slipping one link over the pin of the next link and using light pressure clip the other pin into place for a very robust join and it took no time at all to assembly a track run. The tracks articulate very freely but there is no real track sag when fitted to the vehicles due to the live track.

You can either attach the track pads before assembly or leave them till after painting the links to make the process easier.

AFV Club
AFV ClubAFV Club

Once the links have been assembled you need to find them a home and this is a little bit of a problem as test fitting showed they will not fit to any of the available kits such as the Tamiya M2A2 ODS Bradley and AAVP7A1 or the Dragon MLRS kits as these have the drive sprockets for the older style tracks.

The only sprockets I found would fit the tracks where the resin sprockets from the Blast Models M2/3A2 Bradley and AAV7A1 RAMS/RS Running gear update sets (sets #BL35023/25) and the resin sprockets from the new Hobby Fan Suspension & Wheel set for the AAV R7A1 (Set #HF063).

While the track links are nicely detailed with minimal cleanup and assemble easily into robust track runs finding a home for the links may be the biggest hurdle and including suitable drive sprockets with the set would make them more usable.


AFV Club track links aroundthe Blast Models drive sprocket from set #BL35023K
fitted to the Tamiya M2A2 Bradley ODS kit

AFV ClubAFV Club
AFV Club track links around the Hobby Fan drive sprocket from set #HF-063
AFV Club

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