AFV Club
M151 Remote Weapons Station
AFV Club Kit No. AF 35157
1:35th Scale

Review by Terry Ashley

AFV Club

AFV Club follow their full kit of the M1126 Stryker ICV (kit #AF35126) with this set for the M151 Remote Weapons Station only and while the instructions indicate the RWS can be used on the later versions of the M1A2 Abrams as well as later Humvees and Mowag Eagle IV 4x4, it is also clearly aimed as an update set for the poorly detailed and undersized RWS in the Trumpeter kit of the M1126 Stryker ICV (kit #00375).

The RWS set contains the same sprues from kit #AF35126 with Sprue Fx2 and Sprue G as well as the clear part Sprue J plus a new small etched fret for the RWS sensor sun shields and retaining chains.

The inclusion of these sprues means as well as the RWS parts you also get other parts as a bonus such as two water and two fuel cans, the wheel hubs and head lights and other smaller parts that could come in handy as spares.

The most useful inclusion is the two superbly moulded M4A1 Carbines, one fitted with the M203 grenade launcher and the other with the ACOG Trijicon 4x monocular sight and fore grip. Both have the stock extended but it would be very easy to cut this off to represent the shorter stock and you will have to drill out the muzzles, especially the M203 for a better appearance, also remember to drill out the back of the stock while you are there as this is hollow.

As all the parts are the same as with kit #AF35126 the review text below is from the initial review of that kit to save re-inventing the wheel and also includes the comparisons of the Trumpeter kit parts as well as additional comments where applicable.

The Kit:

The RWS set consists of 175 parts in olive drag plastic, 17 in clear plastic and a small etched fret plus a vinyl poly cap for attaching the RWS with the instructions included on the back of the box and not as a separate sheet.

Etched parts
AFV Club

Standard of plastic moulding is very good overall with nice clean detail but there is a sprinkling of flash and some very shallow sink marks about the place but most notably no pin marks of any consequence and of course the usual mould seams which will need care when cleaning from the smaller parts.

Weapons Station:

As we noted in the initial review the RWS is the correct dimensions overall with excellent details included and is considerably more detailed than the very simplified RWS in the Trumpeter kit.

The AFV Club RWS is made up of about 30 parts with excellent detail included as well as two etched sun guards for over the main sights and there are small jigs included on the sprue so you can bend the right size curve before fitting to the sights to make things easier. Always anneal etched parts before trying to bend to a curve or will be pushing it up hill with a sharp stick as it will just spring back when you try and add the curve.

The main sight assembly and weapons base can be elevated freely after assembly and the large ammo box includes the main sight cover that is attached to the side of the box when not in use as seen in most photos of the RWS as well as fine etched chain to attach to the cover for added detail.

The 16 smoke grenades are nicely done but take care as the base of these (parts F28) are angled to get right slant when fitted to the base so make sure you put these the right way around, but this is fairly obvious when assembling the grenades.

You get a choice of M2 .50cal MG or MK.19 40mm Grenade Launcher to mount on the RWS and the .50 cal is very well done for a plastic .50cal with probably only the superb Tasca guns being better. The kit .50cal MG can also be further improved by fitting the excellent metal .50cal barrel from LionMarc/Passion Models if you wish?

The .50cal receiver is in two halves with separate feed chute cover resulting in the receiver being hollow and the cooling jacket while solid is tapered for a good appearance and the rear firing handles are also separate parts. You will have to drill out the muzzle as this is solid but overall this is an excellent .50cal in plastic.

The Mk.19 40mm Grenade Launcher is in just 3 parts with hollow receiver and separate large top feed cover and again you will need to drill out the muzzle for a nice looking Mk.19.

Basic assembly of the AFV Club RWS will need care due to the many small parts but the fit of the parts was much better than the Trumpeter item and the only part to offer any challenge was the fit of the ammo box as it is a little tricky if you want the gun and sights to elevate after assembly.

The smoke grenade launchers are again better represented than the Trumpeter items and are also better sized with the square base also included which was missing form the Trumpeter mountings.

Also included is the lower mounting base for the RWS that includes the Commander's visor cover (parts G28 and G29) and these can be used if fitting the RWS to the Trumpeter kit but some modifications will be needed on the Trumpeter kit or you can simply mount the AFV Club RWS on the Trumpeter kit mounting plate (part D1) with only minor modifications.

Adding the RWS to the M1A2 will require some additional work as the mounting base is square rather than the triangular shape of the Styrker base plate and adding it to other vehicles will need the appropriate reference pictures for the mounting details.

Clear Parts
AFV Club


This RWS is very well done as with correct overall dimensions and plenty of detail but of course there is room for additional details to improve things further. As this set is not needed for the AFV Club Stryker kit being the same parts it can be used to improve the poor Trumpeter kit RWS or in other vehicles as noted above.

Highly Recommended 8/10
The Sprues:

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Detail images
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