AFV Club

M-10 Tank Destroyer
Late Production

AFV Club Kit No. AF 35s07
1:35th Scale
First Look
by Terry Ashley

Following on from the earlier release of the M10 (Kit No.35024) AFV Club have now released the M10 TD with Late Production Turret.

As you might imagine, this is the same kit as before with one extra sprue for the new turret parts. The first 6000 kits will also include a cast resin 'Cullen' Hedgerow cutter to fit to the hull front.
The decal sheet is the same as in the M35 (Kit No.35s08).

Turret Parts:
The new parts for the turret are the two side plates with the extension for the upright rear section, the new rear panel and new counterweights.
The side plates have some "impressive" pin ejector marks on the insides needing removal which being raised shouldn't be a problem to deal with.
The rear panel is interesting in that is moulded "flat" with a V groove in the center, you have to bend this to fit the lower half of the turret. There is nice detail on the inside of this panel but also a few more pin marks that need careful removal so you don't damage the detail.

The counter weights have partial cast effect, but this is mostly compromised with the large pin ejector marks that need removing from the top sections.

Also included is an overhead armour modification that was improvised by the 536th Ordnance Heavy Maintenance Company in France 1945. This was not widely used outside this unit and interestedly markings for the 536th aren't included on the decal sheet?

AFV Club
AFV Club
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