M41 Gun Shield Cover
AFV Club Set No. AC35001
1:35 Scale
Review by Terry Ashley

Following the M41A3 and the M41 Etched Set AFV Club have released another accessory set in the form of a gun shield cover for the M41.

The first thing I should say is that this is NOT the gun cover from the Skybow M41A3 kit, while it is similar being also for the M41 it is quite different as the details show.

Consisting of a single piece moulded in a soft ‘rubbery’ material similar to the Skybow item, the cover features canvas folds and attachment tabs around the outside edges. As with the Skybow item there is a moulding seam along the centre line that has to be removed.

No instructions are included with the set but it is very simple to fit. This is the method I used, firstly glue the kit mantlet (part A20) to the inner support (part A21) and allow to dry completely. You can also attach the sight cover (part A4) at this stage if you wish or later as this is still accessible after fitting the cover.
Slip the metal barrel through the cover “neck” and then dry fit the barrel to the mantlet, next slide the cover back over the mantlet and ‘clip’ the recesses in the cover over the two lifting eyes on top of the mantlet. The fit of the rubbery cover around the barrel is very tight and once clipped over the lifting eyes holds the whole assembly together without actually gluing the barrel into the mantlet; of course you can glue this if you wish.

The fit around the front of the turret is very snug and a small application of super glue will fix in place. The cover goes a long way to improving the look of the turret as this was the major shortcoming of the original kit.

Three views of the AFV Club Gun Cover
The AFV Club cover attached to the gun and turret, no glue has been used at this stage other than
to attach the mantlet to the inner support as per the text above.

Page Created 9 May 2003

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