M3A3 Stuart
Etched Brass Detail Set

AFV Club Set No. AG35010
1:35 Scale
Review by Terry Ashley

AFV Club have released this etched update set for their recently released M3A3 Stuart which contains 34 etched pieces, the quality of the etching is very good, certainly on a par with the current standards.

The main parts include replacement grouser brackets for the turret and hull front and the head light guards, a nice touch here is the inclusion of templates for bending the guards to the correct shape.

Other parts include the hull mounting brackets for the rear storage box and brackets for the steel tow rope. The rear deck shovel bracket is supplied but strangely there is nothing for the other tools, I guess Eduard will come to the rescue with these.

A basic but useful set but could have been better with the full suite of tool brackets, the templates for the head light guards is noteworthy.

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Page Created 13 April 2003

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